Chocolate brownie protein bar BERTA, 60g


Chocolate brownie protein bar BERTA, 60g

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Are you looking for a protein bar that doesn't taste like dusty protein powder? Then you've landed on the right page. May we introduce to you: our Berta protein bar, which adds another flavour to our cheeky duo of chocolate and vanilla protein bars. With a juicy brownie filling, this protein bar is the ideal snack after training or for in between. And with 60g per bar, Berta fits in every pocket and is perfect for on the go – buy our delicious protein bar online now!

What ingredients are in the protein bar?

The Berta protein bar contains soy and milk protein, giving 18g of protein per bar. Furthermore, no refined sugar has been added to the chocolate protein bar, instead it is sweetened exclusively with sweeteners*. But no compromises are made on taste: the combination of fine dark chocolate and a creamy brownie consistency will make your favourite cake as jealous as can be. And with its high protein content, Berta supports you in your training programme. By the way, you'll find many other protein snacks in our shop, as well as a large protein powder selection. Berta is not only suitable as a fitness snack, but also super practical for on the go. And that's not all: for all peanut fans, Erna (coming soon!) is another indispensable highlight!


*Excessive consumption of sugar substitutes can have a laxative effect.

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