copy of Deluxe protein bar with peanut butter, 55g


Deluxe protein bar with peanut butter, 55g

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With 24 g of protein per 100 g and a high fibre content of 8.8 g, our protein bar is a great snack for before, during or after your workout. And if sports are not your thing, you can still enjoy these incredible hazelnut bars, since they are definitely not only created for the sporty ones only! Fitting in every pocket, this protein bar is also a practical energy kick for your busy days. In addition, the protein bar does not contain any added sugar*, since we have decided to sweeten it with maltitol instead. By the way, if the convenience of protein bars has intrigued you, do take a peek at the other flavours in our snack range!

When creating this protein bar, we have paid particular attention on its amount of creamy peanut filling,  its high protein content but also the chocolate-nutty taste.

*contains sweeteners. Excessive consumption of sweeteners can have a laxative effect.

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