Andaliman Pepper


Andaliman pepper, also called Lemon pepper is a wild rare pepper, handpicked in small quantities. Biological. 

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This pepper speciality, which bears fruit all year round, comes from the northern regions of Sumatra / Indonesia. The main harvest time is in March. Growing wild and not cultivable, this is a very rare plant, which reminds of the Szechuan with a hint of Kubeben pepper.

Harvested by hand in the jungle, the vines are dried in the Indonesian sun in reed baskets, where the Andaliman loses almost 90% of its weight.

The Andaliman pepper surprises with a slightly tingling and numbing, very intense citrus note. The saliva flow is strongly stimulated by this spice, so that all food is perceived more intensively.

In extravagant spice mixtures, with fish, seafood or poultry a real treat. In curries, salsas or stews, the Andaliman is often cooked as a whole vine.

Characteristic: Very rare, not cultivated, 100% wild growth

Flavour: Intense citrus note, subtle pungency, slightly anesthetic

Dishes: Fish and seafood, poultry, Asian cuisine, curries, stews, salads

Packaging: 20g

Biological certified

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