Blue salt


Blue salt is a rare rock salt, mined in Semnan salt lake, in Iran. No additives and anti-cakings.  200gr

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The Blue Rock salt is one of our favourites. it comes from a single artery that runs through the normal rose coloured salt that is found there. The salt gets it’s colour due to a change in it’s structure, that occurred when the tectonic plates collided. That and the very small amount of sylvite found in the salt create an optical illusion that makes the salt appear blue. However, the finer you grind the salt the less blue is found in the salt. 

With only about 100 tons of this salt that is produced per year, it is one of our rarest salts.

Lower than most salts in Sodium Chloride (NaCl) it has a strong presence of potassium. This gives it a fairly strong initial salt taste, which disappears rapidly, leaving a mild taste. It is hugely popular with children for some reason! It also looks great in a glass salt mill.

Warning! Much of the Blue Salt on sale has been mixed with other cheaper, rock salt. We guarantee that we do not mix our Persian Blue Salt with anything!

85.8% NaCl, 0.097% Ca, 0.028% Mg, 13.0% potassium, <0.005% iodine, <0.1% moisture
(As GBA analysis 11015979-001 04.01.2012)

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